Easy step-by-step guide on how to apply Olive Oil drops before ear irrigation.

Step 1 – Lean

Lean the head over so that the affected ear is pointed straight up

Step 2 – Pull

Pull the ear gently towards the top and back of the head – This straightens the ear canal, which is normally curved so that the ear drops can fall as deeply into the ear canal as possible.

Step 3 – Squeeze

Squeeze 3-4 drops into the ear canal after the bottle has been shaken and warmed to body temperature. A good tip is to leave the bottle in your trouser pocket to warm up naturally.

Step 4 – Massage

To help the drops to penetrate the ear wax, gently massage the area around the tragus (See picture)

Step 5 – Tilt

Keep the head tilted for a minimum of 5 minutes to allow gravity to disperse the ear drops into the ear wax.

Step 6 – if required

Repeat the steps for the other ear if required; however, remember to clean the nozzle between each ear.

This procedure should be repeated at least twice daily for a minimum of  5-7 days before your appointment.

Safety warnings

Consult your doctor if you experience any side effects, like further irritation or discomfort in the area.

You should carefully read all product packaging and labels before use.
ear irrigation

Ear irrigation: purpose, procedures and risks

Ear irrigation is a technique for clearing excess ear wax or foreign material. The ears naturally produce a wax that protects the ears and keeps debris off, preventing bacterial growth.  Too much ear wax can cause a blocked ear and cause earaches and ear irritation.

Irrigation ear – What you need to know

Ear wax is normally secreted to protect against infections and debris. Normally, wax can easily be removed from the ear. Never use cotton buds in your ears, as this causes irritation to the sensitive tissues inside your eardrum and pushes wax into the ear.