What is Ear Syringing?

Technically, ear syringing is no longer a practised method of ear wax removal and conjures up visions of a practice nurse with a big metal syringe and a kidney dish!

Even though syringing is a well-recognised name for ear wax removal, it is technically now incorrect. To be accurate, ear syringing should now be referred to as ear irrigation or electronic pulsatile irrigation.

What is the process?

Ear irrigation is the process of gently pulsating warm water into the ear canal via a nozzle inserted at the ear canal’s start. The water dislodges the wax from the ear and is collected in a collection cup.

Irrigation is the main service that the GP surgeries carried out on their patients before it was removed as a core service in September 2020* and is quick, painless and effective for removing impacted ear wax. NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence) recommends ear irrigation as one of the main approved treatments for ear wax removal.

What do we use?

Here at Clear Wax Solutions, we use the latest Projet pulsatile irrigation machines, allowing for quick and effective impacted wax removal.

Ear irrigation is a tried and tested method of ear wax removal and can be used in most situations. However, if the individual has a recently healed or live eardrum perforation or has had an ear infection in the last six weeks, then the preferred treatment is micro-suction. Otherwise, irrigation is very effective and NICE-approved.

As a private health care service, Clear Wax Solutions offers electronic irrigation in the comfort of your home – we come to you! Book your session now for ear wax removal.

*see this article by the BBC ”why ear wax syringing is no longer free.’